For over 170 years, from the golden age of sail to the instant-response nuclear fleet of today, four American warships have proudly borne the name Mississippi, and they have left their mark on the history of the United States and the world.

Now, a fifth warship emblazoned with the name USS Mississippi prepares to defend our country. “By valor and arms” she will take her place in the annals of American history.

USS Mississippi - 1841–1863

  • Launched: 1841
  • Length: 229 feet
  • Was one of the U.S. Navy’s first steam-powered warships
  • Was regarded as the equal of any European warship
  • Named for the Mississippi River
  • Participated in the Mexican-American War, 1846–1848
  • Served as Admiral Perry’s flagship on his momentous voyage to open Japan to Western trade, 1852–1854
  • Made two trips around the world

USS Mississippi (BB-23) - 1908–1914

  • Commissioned: 1908
  • Length: 382 feet
  • Complement: 750
  • Named for the state of Mississippi
  • Joined President Theodore Roosevelt's Great White Fleet as it returned from its around-the-world display of American sea power
  • Delivered the first  U.S. Naval aviators into combat
  • Was sold to Greece in 1914

USS Mississippi (BB-43) - 1917–1956

  • Commissioned: 1917
  • Length: 624 feet
  • Complement: 1100
  • Was the largest and longest-serving ship to carry the name Mississippi
  • When completed, was the most powerful battleship in the United States fleet
  • Earned eight battle stars in the Pacific during World War II
  • Struck by kamikazes on two occasions
  • Participated in history’s last great engagement fought between battleships
  • Ship’s bell is on display at Rosalie in Natchez

USS Mississippi (CGN-40) - 1978–1997

  • Commissioned: 1978
  • Length: 585 feet
  • Complement: 550
  • Nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser
  • Responded to international crises in Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, and Cuba
  • Launched Tomahawk cruise missiles into Iraq during Operation Desert Storm
  • Ship’s main mast is located at the Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Ocean Springs

USS Mississippi (SSN-782) - 2012–present

  • Commissioning: June 2, 2012
  • Length: 377
  • Complement: 135
  • Cost: $2 billion
  • Billed as the Navy’s "next generation" of attack sub
  • Will seek and destroy enemy ships and submarines
  • Will deploy Navy SEALs
  • Expected to serve 33 years